CHA Airport District Plan

Jubilee Crossing on Lee Highway, Artist Rendering

Project Background

The Airport is a key gateway to the City of Chattanooga and has seen rapid growth in the past four years. Currently the Airport services three major carriers to six international hubs. Enplanements (passenger boardings) have risen from 309,235 to 484,517 between the years 2013 and 2017, a 56.6 percent increase. In 2008 the direct number of jobs provided by the Airport was 963. The projected number of employees that will be needed by 2028 is 1,600 amounting to a 66% increase. A masterplan for the Airport proper is currently being undertaken to assess the airport infrastructure that will be needed for a 20 year projection. As the Airport continues to grow as a major employment center and transportation hub it is estimated that there will be impacts on surrounding infrastructure and economic development. A planning study of the broader Airport area will aid the City in assessing needed infrastructure improvements and accommodate growth while protecting existing neighborhoods.

Project Goals

Chattanooga Gateway

To Provide a comprehensive planning study that will recommend actions to enhance the Airport as a key gateway to the City of Chattanooga.

Capital Projects

To generate recommendations for feasible capital projects to improve roads and other public infrastructure (sidewalks, streetscape, multi-use paths, and bicycle, transit network) that will serve as an appropriate gateway to the Airport and enhance the quality and marketability of the surrounding land uses.

Market Analysis

To provide a market study that will inform land use decisions and feasible economic development in the area.

Master Plan

To prepare a Master Plan of two to three focus areas that incorporates transportation, stormwater, and land uses in an illustrative document.

Compatible Land Uses

To assess compatible land uses within a well-balanced framework of employment centers, neighborhoods, commercial and retail.

Public Open House

The Regional Planning Agency is hosting an open house to wrap-up the Airport District Study. Stop by anytime, during our open house hours (location and times below), to learn about what’s in the new Airport District Plan.

Airport District Plan Open House
Thursday September 5th, 11am-1pm and 4pm-7pm
The Shepherd YFD Recreation Center
2124 Shepherd Road  

To see a  draft of the Airport District Plan, please click on pdf file below.

Airport District Plan Draft - August 16, 2019