Zoning and Subdivision Fees

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Preliminary Plat (Fee Due on Submittal of Plat for Review)$200
Final Plat (Fee Due on Submittal of Plat for Signature by RPA)$100
Preliminary & Final Plat (Fee Due on Submittal of Plat for Signature by RPA)$100
Staff Approved Plat (Fee Due on Submittal of Plat for Signature by RPA)$100
Subdivision Variances (Fee Due on Submittal of Variance Application)$100
Residential / Agricultural Zoning (Does not Include the R-4 Special Zone)
Single Lot less than or equal to 1 acre$150
1.1 to 5 acres$295
5.1 to 20 acres$635
20.1 acres or more$770
All Other Zoning (Does Include the R-4 Special Zone)
Up to 5 acres$635
5.1 to 20 acres$705
20.1 acres or more$770
Special Permits
Single-Wide Manufactured Home Permit$50
Planned Unit Development$400
All Other Special Permits$250
Other Fees
Lifting or Amending Conditions on a Previous Case$150
Municipal Street, Sewer, Alley Closure and/or Abandonment$350
Hamilton County Road Closure and/or Abandonment$50
Deviation for Auto Oriented Use Setback, and
Building Height and Mass in the UGC Zone
Deviation for Maximum Building Height in the C-4
Planned Commerce Zone
Deviation for C-3 Central Business Standards$150
PUD Abandonment – Only Required if Not Associated with a New PUD Request$150

Effective 9/1/20, the fee for credit card payments will be 2.35% per transaction.

Formed Based Code Zones RM, RA, and RD are considered Residential Zones and everything else is considered “other” with regard to application fees.

Application withdraw fee refund may be permitted only if written request if received by RPA by no later than 5 business days after the application is submitted.

If you are not sure which zone or special permit to apply for, you will need to contact the proper zoning enforcement office. For the City of Chattanooga: 423-643-5880. For unincorporated Hamilton County: 423-209-7880. If you have other questions, please call the RPA Development Services at 423-643-5902.