Public transit is integral to a multimodal transportation system. In particular, an effective public transit system helps the TPO achieve the regional transportation plan goal of connecting communities to recreational, social, and economic opportunities by providing multimodal travel options to activity and economic centers. The Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) currently provides fixed-route, mass transit service with a fleet of buses and shuttles in the Chattanooga area. Additionally, CARTA operates paratransit service (Care-A-Van), dial-a-rides, and an incline railway. Other public transit operators in the TPO area include the Southeast Tennessee Human Resource Agency (SETHRA), which provides demand-response transportation to, from, and within the non-urbanized portion of Hamilton County, as well as several operators from north Georgia counties (Dade County Transit, Catoosa Trans-Aid, and Walker Transit) that provide similar demand-response transportation. CARTA is the only designated recipient of Federal Transit Administration funding in the TPO area. As such, CARTA and the TPO coordinate on transit planning activities for the entire TPO area.


Current Plans

  • CARTA Redesign: Planning for the Future: A year-long planning study to analyze the current CARTA fixed-route bus network and recommend changes to the system
  • 2045 Regional Transportation Plan: The blueprint for long-term transportation investment, including transit maintenance and capacity projects, in the TPO area; Sections of the plan related to transit include:
    • Multimodal Mobility: p. 121–123
    • Accessibility Analysis: p. 149–151
    • Investment Summary: p. 179–184
    • Transit Projects map: p. 186
    • Systems Conditions and Performance, Transit Asset Management: p. 256–257
  • Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan: Reviews existing conditions and establishes local strategies and priorities for improving transportation services for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and people with low incomes; This page includes related information about the TPO’s Human Services Transportation Committee and the Federal Transit Administration Section 5310 call for projects.


Recent Studies and Reports


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