The Regional Planning Agency has an extensive database of planning-related research and studies including topics such as demographics, economic development, natural resources, infrastructure, transportation and development patterns.

Some of the more recent ones are listed on the table below, but if you have a specific interest or are trying to find an older report, please contact the Regional Planning Agency at (423) 643-5900.

Housing Affordability and Vacancy
City of Chattanooga
Downtown Groceries for ChattanoogaDT Groceries2007
Household Migration Flows to and from Hamilton County, 1992-2006HMF - Hamilton County2007
Property Tax Base 1993-2007Property Tax Base-Final Report2003
Commuting Patterns and
Migration Trends - Hamilton County
Inter-County Commuting Patters and Migration Trends2003
Migration Survey and Tax Comparison ReportMigration Survey and Tax Comparison2004
Alternative Financial Services - Chattanooga, TennesseeAFS Study2006
The Impact of Proposed
New Subdivision
Developments On School
New Subdivision Impact On School2004
Hamilton County, Tennessee
Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan
NHMP-Hamilton County
Chattanooga Travel Demand Model Peer Review Peer Review2011
EPA Brownfields Assessment GrantsEPA Brownfields Grants
2006, 2008, 2009, 2010
Brainerd & Lovell Field Gateway Overlay Zones
Regional Wastewater Studies Regional Wastewater Studies 1971-1979