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Area Plans guide how, when, and where new growth, redevelopment and preservation should occur in a particular area.  Area plans . . .

  • Serve as general policy guides;
  • Provide a set of strategies for achieving specific community goals;
  • Do not guarantee funding for community improvements;
  • Do not change the zoning of property; and
  • Are not regulatory or legally binding.


In 2015, the RPA completed a county-wide Comprehensive Plan Update.  The broad goals and recommendations in this Comprehensive Plan established a framework for integrating the more specific Area Plans under a unified, county-wide vision.

In the Comprehensive Plan, Hamilton County was divided into 12 geographic areas for future Area Plans. Over the next few years, each of these 12 areas will be studied; a community input process will be undertaken, and an Area Plan for each will be written and presented to the Hamilton County Commission and/or the Chattanooga City Council for adoption.

Once adopted, these 12 Area Plans will replace the old neighborhood plans and will become the new policy guides for physical development, land use and transportation.

Below are links to each Area Plan that is either underway or has been adopted.

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Area 11 Plan

The DRAFT Area 11 Plan is now available on our website (link below) and we need your feedback by May … Read More

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