Upcoming Meetings

Transition to In-person Meetings

With the expiration of Governor Lee’s Executive Order regarding virtual meetings, starting in May the meetings of the Regional Planning Commission and the TPO’s Technical Coordinating Committee and Executive Board will be in-person.

Regional Planning Commission meetings are live-streamed on YouTube and may be viewed on the RPA’s YouTube page.

Please note that the information on this site is offered for general purposes under normal conditions. Please adhere to all federal, state, and local guidelines relating to social distancing, the use of face coverings, and other ways to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. We strongly encourage you to read and follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines for travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chattanooga-Hamilton County County Regional Planning Commission

The August 9th Planning Commission meeting will be held in person at the Hamilton County Courthouse on the 4th floor at 625 Georgia Ave at 1:00 pm.

Written Comments

Those that do not wish to attend the meeting in person can submit written comments to the RPA no later than August 6th at 4:30 pm. Written comments can be sent to rezoning@chattanooga.gov.

Social Distance Measures

Social distance requirements will be in place and seating in the Commission room is limited to comply with social distancing. This means depending on how many applicants and opposition attend the meeting, some people will be have to wait in the rotunda. Staff will coordinate with those waiting in the rotunda and let them know when they can join the Commission room.


Masks are required in the Courthouse where legal proceedings occur. There will be masks available in the Commission room. The RPA will also provide hand sanitizer and wipes.

Live Streaming

Citizens can watch the meeting virtually via RPA’s live Youtube Channel. Those watching live cannot participate in the meeting.

For questions about the meeting, please email rezoning@chattanooga.gov or contact 423-643-5902.
After the Planning Commission meeting, all applications will be scheduled for City Council or Hamilton County Commission meetings for final legislative action. There will be an opportunity to speak during those meetings. The website for Hamilton County Commission can be found here.  The website for City Council can be found here.