City Council Public Hearing – July 14

On May 18, the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission voted to recommend approval of the Historic River-to-Ridge Area Plan with nine modifications. That draft Plan, along with the proposed modifications, will now be considered by the Chattanooga City Council.

The City Council will discuss the Area Plan during their July 7 Committee Meeting at 3:30pm, and will hear public comments during their July 14 meeting at 6:00pm. They are then scheduled to vote on the Area Plan during their regular 6:00pm meeting on July 28. The City Council may do any of the following.

1) Approve the February draft without any modifications;
2) Approve it with the Planning Commission’s proposed modifications;
3) Approve it with different modifications;
4) Deny the Area Plan; or
5) Defer their vote to allow more time for review.

The documents the City Council will be voting on are found at the links below.

Notice: When viewing PDF files, please use or download internet browser Google Chrome or Microsoft’s latest browser Edge which is a replacement
for Internet Explorer.
  1. Historic River-to-Ridge Area Plan (February Draft) 
  2. Summary List of Proposed Modifications
  3. Legal Resolution with FULL List of Proposed Modifications 
  4. Previous Place Types Map (February Draft)
  5. Place Types Map with proposed changes 

Participate on July 14

You are encouraged to participate in the July 14 City Council meeting. This meeting is open to the public, but due to the continuing need for
social-distancing, it will be an electronic meeting. For instructions on how to log in, and for registering to speak during the meeting, please go to the following link.

Next Steps

Once the Historic River-to-Ridge Area Plan is adopted, it becomes a policy document that serves as a guide for decision-making.

  • The RPA, Planning Commission and City Council may use Area Plans and the Place Types Map to inform monthly zoning requests.
  • City departments, and other agencies such as CARTA, may use Area Plans to prioritize capital budget improvements for roads, sidewalks, bike lanes, transit routes, parks, greenways, etc.
  • Private investors may refer to the Plan when considering the best location for future development projects.
  • The Community may also use the Area Plan to help ensure that new development proposals align with the community vision.
  • Adopted plans are often helpful when applying for grants for new community projects or programs.
It’s important for individuals and neighborhood associations to stay involved even after the Area Plan is adopted to ensure its implementation.
For previous Historic River-to-Ridge Area Plan information click HERE.