September 28, Public Meeting – Follow Up

Thank you to everyone who attended the public meeting on September 28. We know the seating was
difficult for some people and we apologize for that. It’s very challenging to find places that are free,
with an adequate numbers of tables and chairs, to host meetings of this size.

We also apologize for being short-handed on facilitators and handouts, but we had at least 100 more
people attend than RSVPs we received.

Because many people did not have an opportunity to really see the Place Types map or talk with a
facilitator, we will be happy to meet with individual Neighborhood Associations for a follow-up walk-
through of these recommendations. We will contact the Neighborhood Association Presidents to
schedule those, if desired.

Below are links to information that was distributed at the meeting. We will also leave some hard copies
of these same materials at the YFD Recreation Centers for those who do not have access to a computer
or the internet.

  • Frequently Asked Questions – 9.28.19. HERE
  • Historic River-to-Ridge Draft Plan Power Point Presentation 9.28.19. HERE
  • Place Types Map – 9.28.19. HERE
  • Subarea Maps:
    Place Types – North 36×48 HERE
    Place Types – Middle 36×48 HERE
    Place Types – South 36×48 HERE
  • Tubman Site Information

We plan to post the full DRAFT of the Plan document on our website around October 31st. At that time,
we will also leave a copy of the full document at the YFD Centers for public review.
After the Draft Plan is posted, there will be a one month public comment period.

Click HERE for a preview of the first 4 chapters of the DRAFT Historic River-to-Ridge Area Plan.  These first 4 chapters cover the following:

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Community Profile
Chapter 3 – Public Input
Chapter 4 – Vision & Principles

For previous plan information click HERE.