Next Steps

Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback on the DRAFT Area Plan.  We are making some final revisions to the document and Place Types map based on everyone’s comments.

Going forward, we anticipate the following schedule for adoption of the Historic River-to-Ridge Area Plan.


Late February

The revised final DRAFT Plan will be posted to the RPA website.

The RPA will notify everyone on the Historic River-to-Ridge email list when the final DRAFT is ready.


March 9


Planning Commission Public Hearing

Hamilton County Courthouse

625 Georgia Avenue, 4th Floor




City Council Public Hearing

1000 Lindsay Street


There will be an opportunity for comments from community members at both of these public hearings.

On the November Area Plan DRAFT below, you will see that there are still some images and captions to come and appendices to add, but the content is complete.

For ease of navigation, the document has been divided into four sections and an appendices, with separate links, as follows:


November 2019 DRAFT

Part I: HERE

Chapter 1    Introduction to Area Planning
Chapter 2    Community Profile
Chapter 3    Public Input
Chapter 4    Research & Analysis


Chapter 5    Vision & Principles
Chapter 6    Placemaking, Centers & Corridors


Chapter 7    Place Types Policy
Chapter 8    General Policies


Chapter 9    Subarea Recommendations
Chapter 10  Next Steps


Appendix A:   Summary of Previous Plans Goals & Recommendations: HERE
Appendix B:
   Community Vision Public Meeting Results Report: HERE
Appendix C:
   Community Choices Survey Summary: HERE
Appendix D:
   Traffic Counts: HERE

NOTE:  For those who may have previously reviewed an earlier version of Chapters 1 – 4, we have changed the order of the Chapters.  Chapters 4 is now Research & Analysis, so make sure to review this new information..

For previous plan information click HERE.