Zoning and Subdivision Fees

Residential / Agricultural Zoning
Single Lot less than or equal to 1 acre$150
1.1 to 5 acres$295
5.1 to 20 acres$635
20.1 acres or more$770
All Other Zoning
Up to 5 acres$635
5.1 to 20 acres$705
20.1 acres or more$770
Special Permits
Single Wide Manufactured Home Permit$50
Planned Unit Development$400
All Other Special Permits$250
Other Fees
Lifting Conditions on a Previous Case$150
Municipal Street, Sewer, Alley Closure and/or Abandonment$350
Hamilton County Road Closure and/or Abandonment$50
Staff Approved$100
Preliminary Plats$200
Final Plats (fee due upon signing by RPA)$100

A check, money order, credit card, or cash in an amount specified on the fee schedule. Application fee is only refundable up to 5 days from the date an application is submitted. Credit cards are charged a 2.4% service fee.

If you are not sure which zone or special permit to apply for, you will need to contact the proper zoning enforcement office. For the City of Chattanooga: (423) 643-5880. For unincorporated Hamilton County: (423) 209-7880. If you have other questions, please call the RPA Development Services at (423) 643-5902.