North Shore Public Spaces

North Shore Public Spaces Update

NSPS-feature web imageAs 2017 begins, we will see the Manufacturer’s Road/Hamm Road project move forward as federally funded projects get underway and also as the National Park Service presents an update on their General Management Plan for the Moccasin Bend National Park. For information on next steps, please contact the National Park Service, the City of Chattanooga Department of Transportation, or Michael Wurzel with the “Friends of Moccasin Bend” at (423) 322-5014 or

 North Shore Public Spaces FINAL REPORT Dec 2016

North Shore Public Spaces SUMMARY HANDOUTS:

The North Shore Public Spaces Draft Report is available here.

The North Shore Public Spaces report includes design work for a proposed Riverwalk route, Manufacturers Park at US-27, street enhancements for Manufacturers Rd. and Hamm Rd., and a preliminary concept for a connection from Manufacturer’s Rd. to Cherokee Blvd.

Please contact the Regional Planning Agency at (423) 643-5901 if you have questions or comments. The NSPS project wraps up in April 2016.

Click on link below for additional information.

Please see the latest draft on designs and concepts for the North Shore Public Spaces projects in the presentation below. During 2016, these project designs will be refined and we are looking forward to a presentation in February – more details to come!

Please forward questions to Pamela Glaser at the RPA or (423) 643-5901

  • INSTRUCTIONS– To review the dialogue for each slide, please download or save the file and then reopen to scroll over the “Conversation Icon” at the very upper left of each slide when viewing as a pdf.
 November 17 Stakeholder Presentation (pdf)
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North Shore_Integrated Circulation Access Plan_09032015 draft 13X17

In the spring of 2015 as a follow-up to the Moccasin Bend Gateway Plan adopted in 2012, the City engaged Jones & Jones Architects, Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon and Arcadis to design a new Riverwalk route and provide street designs that accommodate biking, pedestrian ways, trucking, public art, and parks. The “North Shore Public Spaces Project” is about moving a step closer to implementing the gateway vision and planning for future connections to the National Park on Moccasin Bend. Multi-modal connections for Cherokee Blvd, the Hill City/Northside neighborhoods and Manufacturer’s Road will also be studied. Please keep checking back with us for progress or see the documents below. You may contact the RPA Community Design Group at (423) 645-5901 or email for more information.

OPEN HOUSE Thursday, August 27th, 2015 A public open house was held to review design proposals from our team. We wanted to hear from residents and area stakeholders to help formulate community-based designs for new public spaces and an improved public realm. The gathering at 800 Manufacturer’s Rd (the Roadtec offices across from Chattanooga Bakery) along with other venues (held at area parks and public spaces over a two day period) engaged several hundred people and provided an opportunity to participate.  Please see the presentation here.

*NOTE: August 27th, 2015 “Public Open House” slideshow presented as a DRAFT.

  • INSTRUCTIONS– To review the dialogue for each slide, please download or save the file and then scroll over the “Conversation Icon” at the very upper right of each slide when viewing as a pdf.
 North Shore Public Spaces Project 2015 (pdf)

 Gateway Plan for Moccasin Bend and Stringer’s Ridge – 2012