CARTA Redesign: Planning for the Future


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Rediseño de CARTA: Planificación para el futuro

CARTA quiere servirle mejor y está evaluando todo su sistema para satisfacer mejor sus necesidades. Por favor complete esta encuesta para ayudarnos a comenzar esta misión.


CARTA wants to serve you better and is looking at our entire system to best meet your needs.
The CARTA Redesign study is a year-long planning study led by CARTA in partnership with
the City of Chattanooga, the Regional Planning Agency, and many community partners,
to analyze the current CARTA fixed-route bus network and recommend changes to the system.
Through the study, CARTA will review changes in the demand and need for transit in Chattanooga
and comprehensively rethink the design of the bus network. The plan will seek public and
stakeholder input on key choices, priorities, and trade-offs to understand how CARTA should best
meet the needs and preferences of the community.

Currently, we are in Phase 1 of our study, and we are soliciting input from the community on
some key choices that affect how we plan the transit network. You can tell us what you think
by responding to our survey. If you want to dive deeper into the opportunities and trade-offs that
the community faces as we plan for the future, read our Choices Report.

Yes, CARTA and our partners will engage the community in April and May of 2019 with new
questions and new information about what transit choices are possible. At that time there will
be multiple alternatives showing different ways that bus routes could run. The community can
then review and provide feedback and using the responses to these alternatives, CARTA and
the City will develop a set of draft recommendations that will be presented to the public in the
Fall of 2019. At that time the community will have another opportunity to review and respond to
the study’s draft recommendations.

The outcome of this plan may include few, or many changes to bus routes depending on how
people respond to the value questions, the alternatives, and the draft recommendations during
all three phases of the study.

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