Area 3 Plan

Area 3 Plan Map - East Chattanooga
Area 3 Plan Map – East Chattanooga

The Area 3 Land Use Plan has officially kicked off.  My name is Justin Tirsun, and I am the project lead for this plan, and I want to personally welcome you to our site.  Here you can sign up and receive updates on our progress.

On 3/15/2018 we met with our advisory committee for our first round-table discussion that included introductions, both with ourselves and the area, the planning process, and goals from previous neighborhood plans in the area.

The advisory committee is comprised of neighborhood association presidents and a handful of other community leaders and activists.  Their main objective is to generate ideas, disseminate information, help resolve conflicts, serve as a representative sampling of the various interests throughout the community, measure opinions, review drafts, and provide a forum to express general thoughts and feelings.

My role as project lead is to help direct and guide the plan into adoption.  I want to keep you informed and challenge you based on my professional experience, so sign up below to receive updates on our progress, and to participate in the public planning process.

Area 3 generally falls within the following boundaries:

  • North: South Chickamauga Creek
  • East: Missionary Ridge
  • South: Interstate-24; and
  • West: Central Avenue, the railroad, and the Tennessee River

It includes the following neighborhood associations:

  • Avondale
  • Battery Heights
  • Bushtown
  • Churchville
  • Boyce Station
  • Ferger Place
  • Glass Farms
  • Glenwood
  • Highland Park
  • Oak Grove
  • Orchard Knob
  • Ridgedale
  • Riverside


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