Area 3 Plan

Area 3 Plan Kick-off Meeting 06/2018


Saturday, January 26, 2019
10:00AM -12:00PM
Kingdom Hall
730 M.L. King Blvd

During the previous Kick-off meeting in June, over 150 attendees identified some critical issues.  Results from that first public meeting are attached HERE.

The purpose of the upcoming January 26 public meeting is to gather additional input from the community on those top issues. Participants will be asked to consider the following:

  • What areas should be preserved for their special character?
  • What locations could accommodate new types of housing?
  • What locations could accommodate new commercial Centers?
  • What locations could accommodate major employers or new clean industries?
  • What additional park amenities are needed?
  • What additional pedestrian, bicycle, and transit amenities are needed?

Following the January 26 meeting, we will also be launching a Community Choices Survey Series to gather additional community input through February and March.


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Area 3 Background Information

Area 3 generally falls within the following boundaries:

  • North: South Chickamauga Creek
  • East: Missionary Ridge
  • South: Interstate-24
  • West: Central Avenue, the railroad, and the Tennessee River

Area 3 includes the following Neighborhood Associations:

  • Avondale
  • Battery Heights
  • Boyce Station
  • Bushtown
  • Churchville
  • Ferger Place
  • Gaylan Heights
  • Glass Farms
  • Glenwood
  • Highland Park
  • Oak Grove
  • Orchard Knob
  • Park Central
  • Ridgedale
  • Riverside
  • Waterhaven
  • Wheeler 

Advisory Committee: Serving as a representative sampling of the various interests throughout the community, the Area 3 Advisory Committee is comprised of neighborhood association presidents and a handful of other business and community leaders.  Their main objective is to generate ideas, disseminate information to the Area 3 community, and provide feedback to the staff.

What is an Area Plan? For more information click HERE.


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