A land use plan guides how, when, and where new growth, redevelopment and preservation should occur in a particular area.

  • General policy guide
  • Provides a set of strategies for achieving specific community goals
  • Does not guarantee that community improvements or zoning changes will occur
  • They are not regulatory or legally binding


From 1985-2013, the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency created over 27 land use plans for neighborhoods and communities within its planning boundary.

In 2015, the Agency undertook a Comprehensive Plan Update. The broad goals and recommendations established in this plan set a framework to integrate future community planning under a countywide unified vision.

The Comprehensive Plan delineated 12 areas that would become the new planning areas to guide physical development and create land use and transportation policies. Over time, these Area Plans will replace the historic land use plans.

Land Use Plan

LinkAdditional InformationYear
Alton Plan Master PlanAPMP2000
Avondale PlanAvondale2004
Brainerd...a vision for
Brainerd Master Plan2009
Brainerd Hills Neighborhood PlanBrainerd Hills2002
Brainerd Town Center Brainerd Town Center1998


Bushtown Neighborhood Zoning Map

Comprehensive Plan 2030Growing Forward2016
Downtown Plan Chattanooga 2025Downtown2006
East Brainerd Corridor Community Land Use PlanEBCC2003
East Chattanooga Area PlanEast Chattanooga2004
Glenwood/Churchville/Orchard Knob Neighborhood PlanGlenn-Church-Orch2002
Hamilton Place Community PlanHamilton PlaceHamilton Place Community Plan Map2001
Highland Park Tennessee Temple UniversityHighland Park2000
Highway 58 Community PlanHighway 582002
Hill City - NorthsideHill City - Northside2003
Hixson-North River Community PlanHixson-North River2005
City of Lakesite Land Use PlanLakesite2007
Lookout Valley Area Plan

Lookout Valley

Land use plan map

Transportation plan map
MLK Community PlanMLKMLK Plan Map2009
Moccasin Bend Gateway Stringer's PlanMoccasin Bend GatewaySlides-part 1
Slides-part 2
Slides-part 3
Slides-part 34

Mountain Creek Greenway Final PlanMountain Creek Greenway2003
North Brainerd Area PlanNorth Brainerd2004
North Shore PlanNorth Shore2007
Summit Land Use PlanSummit
Summit Land Use PlanSummit Land Use Plan (2013)2013
Wolfever Creek Area PlanWolfever Creek Area Plan Full Document PDFWolfever Creek Land Use Map2007
2020 PlanWhy does Hamilton County have a growth planUGB 2020 Plan Map (pdf)2001