Senior Planner

Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency

The Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency (RPA) is now seeking qualified applicants to serve in a key project leadership position in the Strategic Long-range Planning Division.  Core functions of this department include development of the Regional Transportation Plan, Comprehensive Plan, and the Transportation Improvement Program.

RPA provides planning services for Chattanooga-Hamilton County in Tennessee, and portions of North Georgia, a region celebrated for its innovation in urban revitalization, public-private partnerships, and citizen-led planning.  The Regional Planning Agency houses the regional Metropolitan Planning Organization and integrates the agency’s transportation and land use planning functions to promote a more holistic and coordinated planning approach.

The Regional Planning Agency provides planning expertise to the public and elected officials across a wide variety of public policy areas that include land use, transportation, natural resource protection, neighborhood revitalization, urban redevelopment, sustainability, zoning/subdivision review, ordinance/policy development, urban design, and site design. One of RPA’s core values is to utilize a multi-disciplinary, integrated planning approach to create synergy across planning disciplines, maximize public benefits, leverage limited resources and avoid unintended negative consequences.

Based on the Agency’s role and core value candidates are expected to have experience, professional knowledge, and a demonstrated capacity to work in a multi-disciplinary environment.

More information about RPA can be found at These positions are posted through the City of Chattanooga at