Executive Director, Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency/Administrator of City Planning

The City of Chattanooga and Hamilton County seek an experienced, strategic and policy oriented planning professional to lead the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency and a new Department of City Planning.  The City of Chattanooga, under Mayor Kelly has recently completed a reorganization that will establish a department of City Planning to better coordinate planning functions across the City.  This position will also serve as the lead executive for the Regional Planning Agency which also provides land use planning services for Hamilton County and several small towns, and transportation planning services for the Chattanooga-Hamilton County/North Georgia Transportation Planning Organization.

Ideal candidates should be able to work well in a wide range of planning contexts (regional/local, urban/rural, city/small town), and be able to adapt planning approaches to meet the unique needs and values of the areas the Agency serves.  Ideal candidates have experience working in the private sector in a planning/development related field.  Private sector experience is preferred. Candidates should be knowledgeable of both best practice planning concepts (smart growth, sustainability, affordable housing) and how to consider the practical application of those concepts within the constraints of local market practices, conditions and community values.  Candidates should be knowledgeable of how transportation and land use policies impact each other.  Finally, candidates should have a demonstrated capacity to manage public processes and effectively communicate and engage with a wide variety of community stakeholders.

Some of the priority projects/issues that this position will be responsible for addressing include:

  • Update of the City and County zoning codes
  • Development of policies and zoning tools to promote urban redevelopment and more housing options
  • Connecting the regional transportation policies with supportive local land use policies

Additional information about the position, and  a link to the application, is located at www.chattanooga.gov:  http://www.chattanooga.gov/2011-12-14-14-38-52/job-openings